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Basics of Concrete Cleaning and Commercial Power Washing

by Bradley Ballard on May 24, 2017
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concrete cleaning

When it comes to concrete cleaning, the right tools make all the difference.

Cleaning for the sake of it may cost you time and money. Using the wrong kind of cleaners can do more harm than good.

This is probably why you should leave concrete cleaning and power washing to experts. They would know what the best kind of cleaners are for every situation.

Here are a few kinds of solutions used for concrete cleaning.

pH-neutral cleaners

pH-neutral cleaners are usually mild cleaners used if there isn’t a lot of dirt present. They usually come in the form of concentrates. You’ll have to check how much cleaning you’ll be doing.

This will tell you how much concentrate you should dilute in water. Just spread the mixture across the concrete surface.

Acidic cleaners

Acidic cleaners are perfect if the concrete has dirt and stains.

This can also be used for contaminants that are removable by acid. Efflorescence is one example of a stain that an acidic cleaner can remove.

You can get ready-to-use forms, but this can also be bought in concentrates. Make sure the concrete is neutralized after cleaning.

Alkaline cleaners

Alkaline cleaners are also known as concrete degreasers. These are perfect for grease, oil and other hydrocarbon-based stains.

Alkaline cleaners can also neutralize surfaces that were stained or cleaned using acid.

Bacterial or enzymatic cleaners

Enzymatic or bacterial cleaners use active enzymes and organic chemistry to clean stains.

They actively break down (and may digest) contamination and stains. You may also hear them being called oxidation cleaners.

These are perfect for starch-based, protein-based and hydrocarbon-based stains.

Specialty cleaners

From the name itself, specialty cleaners are used for special kinds of dirt. Most of the time, they are a mixture of the cleaners mentioned above. A great example here is rust remover.

The use of these cleaners require experience and training. Sometimes, there are specific dilution measures to follow. There may be other steps needed before or after applying these cleaners as well.

Simply applying them, scrubbing and rinsing with water may not work.

This is why getting a professional to do commercial power washing is recommended. It’s the best way to save on materials. It can also help you clean the area the least possible time.

Topics: Commercial Power Washing, Concrete Cleaning

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