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Hot Water vs. Cold Water in Commercial Pressure Washing

by Bradley Ballard on June 28, 2017
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A lot of factors matter when it comes to commercial pressure washing. It’s not just a simple cleaning process. There’s a reason for every step and every material used.

This is why an experienced power washing service would often be the better choice. Doing it yourself may give you the impression of lower costs. But if you are unable to do it the right way, it only leads to wasted time, effort, and water.

For example, many are unaware that the of importance of water temperature. 


Using Cold Water for Pressure Washing

Cold water is great for minor cleaning purposes. Loose paint, for example, can be removed using cold water. The same thing can be said for mildew and thick dirt as long as you use the right cleaning solution. But the power of cold water usually ends here.


Using Hot Water in Commercial Pressure Washing

Notice how hot water is used in dishwashers and carwashes? You even use it to clean white clothes and your carpet.

Hot water is often a more powerful choice than cold water.

Sometimes, you can even use it without the help of chemical cleaners.

Greasy or oily surfaces are great examples of areas where hot water will be more effective.

Hot water breaks down grease and oil, while cold water will cause it to harden further. Once the oils are broken down, it’s a lot easier to rinse everything out.

The hotter the water is, the more effective it can also be. Now combine that hot water with high pressure and you have a winning combination.


Choosing the Right Combination

It’s all about knowing what the conditions are first and foremost.

You can’t just decide on using hot water right away. It might end up to be a minor cleaning task. In this case, you will only waste the energy used to heat the water up.

This is why a power washing service could be a better solution than doing the cleaning yourself.

This will, in reality, save you more in so many ways. You save money because you only have to pay them for the service. They incur minimal to zero waste, because they have mastered the entire process. They also know the exact materials to use.

This means they can do the job well the first time.


Do you need professional power washing service for your business?

We would love to talk to you about how we can help!   

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