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Image is Everything: The Importance of a Well-Maintained Commercial Property

by Bradley Ballard on March 29, 2017
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What kind of image is your commercial property projecting?

When it comes to commercial property, looks are everything. It doesn’t matter how important the offices inside are.

It’s not important what kind of products are offered inside. If people are turned off with the outside, nobody will come in.

This is why it’s of high importance that you maintain the exterior of your property. The value you offer inside is nothing if the outside is unappealing.

What kind of impression does a well-maintained building leave?

1) It shows exclusivity

An impressive exterior shows that this is not just any building. It’s a building where important transactions happen. It’s not a place for shady business. It’s exclusive for serious people with serious concerns.

2) It shows value

It doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive your products and services are. When a commercial structure is well-maintained, everything inside it seems valuable.

This is extremely helpful not only for your tenants, but for you as well. It means that if you lease some of the space, it’s easier to set a higher price.

3) It shows professionalism

How would you react if your doctor comes into the operating room without the proper attire? Or if a lawyer walks into the courtroom looking unkempt? You would immediately think that this person is unprofessional.

It’s the same thing with commercial buildings. Let the building exterior go, and people will take their business elsewhere.

So how can you make sure you leave the right impression?

Regular maintenance is always top priority when it comes to commercial properties.

If a lightbulb is already blinking, why leave it for tomorrow? Fix it now.

If a part of the wallpaper has been peeled, find a way to replace that panel.

Aesthetics are everything when it comes to commercial spaces.

One small miss, and you lose huge opportunities.

Regular concrete cleaning should of course be on top of the list.

When it comes to commercial buildings, a pressure washing service can work wonders.

Don’t be content with daily sweeping or regular washing. Environmental factors can bring in dirt that’s hard to get rid of.

Close proximity of the building to plants or grass can cause mildew to grow, causing your concrete surfaces to become slippery. This is a dangerous hazard that only a pressure washing service can get rid of all that.

Contact Retail Services, Inc. for your pressure washing needs. We have offices in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Tampa, Raleigh, and many more cities across the Southeast.

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Topics: Commercial Power Washing, Concrete Cleaning

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